How To Create A Map For A Conference or Event

A quick tutorial on how to create a map for your next big event!


Base is headquartered in Austin, TX which is home to one of the finest conferences in the entire US: SXSW.  The conference spans several weeks and caters to distinct crowds in the music, entertainment, film and interactive space.  Notable speakers in the past years have been Barack Obama, Al Gore, Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, you get the picture.  One of the most overlooked aspects and underutilized tools is creating a map for these events.  Even with apps, dedicated schedules and more, these conferences don’t seem to have a central command and control for all activities.  Especially when you take into consideration all of the sponsor parties and concerts, it gets overwhelming pretty fast.  Base is here to help though so whether you are planning something as massive as SXSW or as small as a local meet up, using our maps can add clarity to the location of your events and help your attendees find where they need to be.

Step 1:  Organize Your Event Data

This step can sometimes be the longest and hardest part of your journey to making an interactive map.  If we are using SXSW as an example, you will first have to plan out your event into a tabular format the clearly lists things like: event title, address, event start time, end time, event details, event photo URL, and any other pertinent details.  For SXSW, we found this data organized by the City of Austin.


STEP 2:  Bulk Upload Your Map Data To Base

With our bulk upload tool, take your CSV or excel data and upload it to our system.  This will ensure that all of your data and locations are a part of your map.  This is also the time where you can select a default marker for your map.  If you have an event or conference logo where that you want to use as a custom map marker, just click “change marker” and follow the easy upload steps.  Otherwise, you can choose from our library of hundreds of icons.  Once you bulk upload the data, you are almost ready to preview your map!

STEP 3:  Dial In Your Settings and Launch Your Map

Base offers a wide range of settings to customize your map so you can now preview your locations and customize each mark.  If there is extra data or photos you want to add to particular locations you can do that as well. Conferences and events also have a major date and time component to them so you will want to make sure that this is clearly listed for each map marker you make.    After launching your map you can embed on your site and have a map that looks something like the below!


We hope this demo of making a map for a conference of event has been helpful.  Please contact us if you need any help with any of the above steps.  We would love to hear about your next conference or event and how we can help you make an amazing interactive map for it.

Start Making Your Map Today!